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What You Need to Know When it comes to Revenge Pornography With the creation of the internet people have gotten both good and bad experiences. One of the many frightening things that could happen to anyone is having their nude images or videos ending up on the internet.When someone deliberately takes your nude images or videos to put them on the internet then you are a victim of revenge pornography. Here are a few facts you might like to know about revenge pornography. It is Illegal Revenge pornography is a crime in many states across the USA. That implies that you can reach out for legal help if you land in such a situation. However, you may want to be sure that the case is solid first depending on the circumstances in question. It Counts as Sexual Violence Revenge pornography, just as the name suggests is non-consensual. If you post one’s videos or pictures on the internet without their permission, you could get into serious trouble.Even when a person may have agreed to take the photos or videos putting them up without their permission is unethical and sexually violates the person’s rights.
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May Cause Mental Trauma When people go through such a hard time, it is natural for them to experience a lot of distress. Such pressure can come up in various ways. There are many victims that find it immensely difficult to deal with the event. Quite a number of individuals fall into depression, and some even commit suicide. Due to this, one needs to find a therapist to help them with coping mechanisms during the tough time.
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Mostly Affects Women About 90% of revenge pornography victims are females. This is usually the case especially in situations where a woman breaks off with a man who becomes enraged and begins posting explicit pictures online. The tendency to view a woman’s body as an object for has led to more cases of revenge pornography. Moreover, revenge pornography has also become rampant because of how sexuality is used to reduce a woman’s worth. These reasons have made women vulnerable to cyber-sex crimes that are usually meant to degrade women. You can categorize revenge pornography as a cultural extension that is used to exploit women sexually. Feminists need to pay attention to this kind of misogyny that does not advocate for respecting the female body. In as much as you may have options when this happens, usually prevention is better than cure; thus, just refrain from posting any nude clips of images.Choosing not to send nude videos and pictures online could save you a lot of money, stress, and discomfort too.